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Temperature controls on a hot water heater

Need a new water heater? You've come to the right site! Ask us about new models, which are up to 20% thriftier with energy, saving you literally hundreds of dollars over the lifetime of your unit. What's more, the B & G service difference means a quick response time - within 24 hours - and a 1-year guarantee on our work.

• Better heat retention thanks to foam insulation in the tank

• Glass liners to inhibit corrosion

• Save up to 20% with Energy Star-certified heaters

Advantages to

new conventional heaters

You can reasonably expect a water heater to last up to 10 years. If it's older, or if it's leaking, a new one is in order. The leak is due to corrosion when the minerals in your water react with the steel of your heater tank.

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All of our work is GUARANTEED for 1 year.

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